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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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meteorologist jeff ranieri. how are we looking as we head into tomorrow morning? >> that storm system has started to push off towards the east. we're not done with the heavier pockets just yet. in the south bay, we've had heavy rainfall, about 1 inch per hour. a lot of this is pushing towards mt. diablo and towards mt. hamilton. a decent clip across here, lasting about the next 35 minutes. it's been raining hard here across almedos. a lot of these pockets of rainfall are beginning to fizzle out. one area i'm concerned about is this strong area of thunderstorm activity heading right towards martinez, producing rainfall rates of 0.8 of an inch per hour. not only the rain, but also the wind has been coming in. 2 to 3 inches with the first storm here in the santa cruz
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mountains. san jose, for the first time likely in a year, now seeing rainfall totals in a 24-hour period near one inch. it's been that long since we have seen that much rainfall here across parts of the bay area. that wind has been going top wind gusts at 66 miles per hour in los gatos. we're joined now by my colleague, jean elle. we hear you've been hit by just about everything, the rain, wind and strong waves behind you. >> reporter: right now it's hang on to your hat windy. we've seen it all, rain, wind, big waves. we've met a lot of people out here enjoying every minute of it. >> it's really fun. it's exciting when the waves hit and it's -- i don't know, it gets your adrenaline pumping.
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>> reporter: fishing here tonight was a team sport. gusty wind and the rain made it hard to stand, much less toss a crab pot. >> it's windy and we are trying to crab. >> reporter: that wind put temporary fencing to the test. and the driving rain made for some challenging travels. earlier in the day, lots of surfers made their trip to the coast hoping for big waves. >> it's amazing. you can taste the electricity. i'm just waiting for it to be a little more clean. >> it's pretty big today. about ten feet. >> reporter: going to go in? signs warn everyone to be mindful of the danger. the waves here tend to break over the sea wall when the tide is high. so check the tidal times when you know to be most care ll. jean elle, nbc bay area news. crews spent part of the
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night cleaning up in concord after a tree well, blocking traffic. it took workers about an hour to clean up that tree. parts of the bay area are dealing with power outages tonight. terry, these power outages are spotty right now, but with more rain and wind expected, we could see more. >> reporter: absolutely. the wind is blowing a bit right now. the rain has stopped, but it's been rain that's causing the problems up here, knocking out power along the oakland hills, berkeley hills border. there were about 1200 customers in the dark during the peak. this is the claire mont hotel in berkeley. one person says there was a bright flash and then boom, boom, out went the lights. it appears a tree branch came down on some wires. now for this couple, coming to their home from san francisco, a
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dark neighborhood, dark house but no big deal. >> we have a solar hot tub. we have solar hot water on the roof and my devices are charged. so we'll be fine. >> we don't care. >> reporter: i mentioned rain is the major component up here. but at times there have been gusting winds in the berkeley, oakland hills area. also a couple of other weather related phenomena to discuss. one is lightning. we did see a couple cases of lightning. one near concord, one here in the alameda area. and another component was fog. at one point you could not see one night. it's crystal clear right now. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, beautiful shot behind you. the weather made for a dangerous evening commute. our conditions have improved dramatically at this late hour. live pictures here in san jose.
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from the drivers to the shoppers, despite nearly an inch of rain in the south bay, people were out and about. george kiriyama joins was more. george? >> reporter: definitely a rainy night here at santana row, but that didn't keep people away from shopping and to eat. no outdoor typing tonight here. the rain forced people to go inside to eat. >> 50 is way too cold for me. >> reporter: not so for his friend from new york who wore just a shirt. this is nice weather from him. >> it's just water. you need this, and your clothes will get wet, your just wipe it off. >> reporter: the rain didn't stop this woman from walking her dog. the dog didn't mind either. >> it's nice. the rain is refreshing and we need it. >> reporter: she is used to
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having rain in her native hawaii. but she's not used to it being chilly, so she wore a jacket. >> i'm mostly dry except for my feet. they're soaked. >> reporter: people out here are saying bring the rain on. they wouldn't mind seeing the rain stick around. live at santana row, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of our weather, on air and online. it's a great resource on our website, also, tune in bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30 for "today in the bay." a campbell man is in jail tonight, accused of trying to use his car to kill his family. detectives say he intentionally sped his acura through a fence into someone's backyard and into a home. this happened in southwest campbell just down the street from west mont high. the driver then got out of his car and ran away. but a neighbor caught him.
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others helped rescue the mom and two children in the car. luckily they only suffered minor injuries. two people were inside the home at the time of the crash. luckily they weren't hurt either. >> when i came around the corner here, the car was in here, the whole in the bushes, and it was smoking and there were kids in the car screaming and crying. the mother was in there. >> officers arrested this man and charged him with attempted murder and driving under the influence. new at 11:00, one of the men who pleaded guilty to beating bryan stow will be staying in jail longer than expected. he was sentenced to four years in prison after admitting he severely beat stow in 2011. he could have been released soon because of time already served. and for good behavior. however, a judge ordered norwood be held without bail while he waits another trial on federal firearm charges. the judge says norwood is a danger to the community and a
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flight risk. a crisis and controversy averted. arizona's governor vetoed a bill involving religious and gay rights. this is a story that's been in the national headlines. lgbt supporters cheered after the announcement this evening. the measure would have allowed business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers or anyone else as long as they made the decision because of their religious beliefs. >> i have not heard of one example in arizona where business opwner's religious liberty has been violated. >> many companies like apple, marriott and southwest airlines criticized the bill. supporters say the measure was not about discrimination. there's some 10-year-olds out here with no money for an
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aircraft but a $900 glock in their drawers. >> a bay city battling gun violence. we investigate whether local gun tracing measures would reduce crime. also, it's the bay area's wealthiest town and the focus of an fbi investigation. the vandalism leading to serious concern. >> and the bold move a customer made after a thief pulled a gun on a local store clerk. plus, killer cannabis. why researchers say marijuana could be deadly.
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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. breaking news coming out of the oakland airport. this is what we're hearing. a delta flight from los angeles had to make an emergency landing. there was issue of smoke or the odor of smoke on the plane. a passenger did shoot some cell phone video and in it you can hear the flight attendant try to get people off the plane. are there any solutions to oakland's complex problems? last year the city led the nation in armed robberies per capita. 12 a day. there's new calls for tighter gun laws. >> but state leaders say those tough laws are only on the books. vicky nguyen joins us with some insight. >> reporter: when it comes to gun violence, fbi data lists oakland as america's fourth most dangerous city. that's why city leaders stay it's ground zero for innovative approaches to reducing crime.
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they argue with a robust gun tracing system, they would have a strong tool for their arsenal. >> it's just a bunch of gunfire in the same areas. >> reporter: out on a saturday night. no longer an active gang member himself, he now patrols oakland hot spots. >> get well, man. >> reporter: calming tensions between rival gang members. >> some 10-year-olds out here that ain't got enough money for a haircut but got a $900 glock. >> reporter: on this night, he gets word of a shooting that may happen. >> we just all come together to show the community that it's more serious than usual. a real young guy got killed. it was a homicide recently. we had a 14-year-old die. >> reporter: they are at the ground level of what statistics show is a pervasive problem in oakland. violence involving guns. we asked police to provide data
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showing every time an officer confiscated a gun. from 2010 to 2012, three guns a day were seized. it's 35% more than the number of guns seized in san francisco, a city with twice the population. we found in oakland 191 guns were involved in assault, and 397 were concealed weapons. but the overwhelming crime committed when a gun was confiscated involved drugs. >> guns and drugs go hand in hand. >> reporter: this man says he just left his life as a gang member, trafficking guns between oakland and san jose. we disguised his identification. >> if i'm selling dope, i'm going to have me a duffel bag of guns. ain't no telling who you'll run into. >> reporter: how off did you see gun trafficking? >> almost every day. >> reporter: words supported by the people we met.
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>> bringing these -- up in here, because they're semiautomatic weapons. >> the proliferation of guns on oakland streets is a terror. >> reporter: this bill would have given oakland local control over gun registration and licensing, a system to trace guns used in oakland crimes. >> it would give us more information that could help reveal this illegal gun trafficking. >> reporter: she says a decade ago when oakland had active tracing, police shut down a shop responsible for gun trafficking. >> it was that data that led the agents to uncover that this store was actually selling things out the back to criminals. >> reporter: but the governor vetoed the bill saying it would sew confusion and uncertainty for individual cities to have their own gun stills. >> what bill would you sign that
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would give oakland more local control. >> this is not a matter of bills but of leadership from the top. more codes that take a year to pass and then years to implement and maybe or maybe not will solve a problem is not the way to go. >> reporter: after his staff denied ultimate requests for an interview, we asked the governor if he would support any attempt of again legislation. >> should they come back to you with another bill. >> you made a very good question. what can laws do to solve immediate problems? i want to say that laws have their role. we've passed a tremendous number of laws. there's something else called administering the laws we have. >> reporter: what's wrong with the laws on the books right now? >> one size doesn't fit all. the idea that every community in california should be subject to
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the same law doesn't make sense, particularly for a city like oakland that has an urgent need. >> you have kids killing kids. >> all those guns are destroying our people. >> reporter: city leaders say they will try again with another gun tracing bill in the next legislative session. the governor says the city's murder rate is down nearly 30% since last year. and he says that is something that's happened without more local gun restrictions. >> thank you. if you have a tip for vicky nguyen or anyone else, we urge you to give us a call or send us an e-mail directly. we want to show you a tense situation unfolding during an attempted robbery in richmond early this morning. this is video that shoes police say michael corbin walking into a store, pointing a gun and demanding casual.
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the clerk grabbed the gun, a shopper came from behind and slammed the suspect to the ground. police say that patron and the clerk sat on the suspect until police arrived. corbin is now behind bars charged with attempted robbery. >> new at 11:00, is it a serious attack on the wealthy or kids pulling a prank? a recent wave of vandalism, anti-wealth graffiti, like what you see in this picture, has been painted on cars, garage doors, fences and gates in the city's lendonwood neighborhood. police say it started several days ago. the fbi got involved because they track activist movements like occupy wall street. atherton was named the most expensive zip code in america last year. let's turn things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the forecast. >> that storm we've been tracking for today, the main
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core of it has moved off towards the east. still tracking a little bit of rainfall here. more on that coming up. i want to get to some of the top wind gusts. los gatos, 66 miles per hour. san jose coming in at 30. so what's left on the radar? not too much widespread heavy rainfall. tracking a small cell down here. it's now approached gilroy, moving in from 11:15 through about 11:30 through tonight. so heavy rainfall on the way for you there in gilroy. let's get a live look here. everybody being impacted by this weather for today. plea breezy conditions, slick roads in the east bay. and the fog as well. you can see that camera continues to shake around. we've been under six to seven hours of winds gusting as high as 32 miles per hour. that will likely continue into parts of tomorrow morning.
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more on that wind cast coming up. but i want to get you the timing of this next storm system coming our way. let's get a look at the future cast. by 2:00 a.m. tonight into the morning hours, a few spotty showers. as we head throughout tomorrow, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, a few spotty showers still possible in the forecast. by the afternoon hours, we'll clear out, possibly a few breaks of sun, but you can see it's going for hard to shake some of this energy from this storm system. and then our next system lines up, not by thursday evening at 5:00 p.m. but it's speeding up a little bit on that timing. so the heaviest rainfall is going to get here. the overnight hours of friday, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and likely a heavy zone of rainfall continuing through friday. as we head throughout saturday, we'll see this rainfall begin to exit parts of the bay area.
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so friday looks very wet for us. we've been tracking the wind here across the bay. i want to get you the wind cast. throughout tomorrow, it's going to be coming down, winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. then throughout friday morning, again, as that next storm system lines up, we'll see areas at the coastline that could see winds top 50 miles per hour. again, that combined with the rainfall is why i'm so concerned with friday's storm and the potential of more power outages, and more trees coming down. so we could see a repeat performance throughout friday. on your forecast for thursday, a few breaks of sunshine in here by the afternoon. 63 in san jose. 62 in belmont. 61 right across here. north bay, trivalley, we're not going to see temperatures fluctuate too much, 60 to 64 degrees. a few showers in the morning and trying to clear out by the afternoon.
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if you're headed up to see yeara, 68 trails open at squaw valley. 74 at alpine meadows. of course, we're tracking it always at and the entire weather team will be here friday for the next storm system. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, new research about what's really going on when your dog gets into trouble. >> and we have jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys, drew barrymore and adam sadler are my guests tonight. a great show. check it out. we're on next.
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discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. want to give you more details about the breaking news. tonight, a delta flight made an emergency landing at the oakland airport coming in from los angeles. passengers reported smelling smoke inside of the cabin. the plane was met on the tarmac
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by fire crews. everyone got off okay. a passenger shot some cell phone video. you can hear a frustrated flight attendant trying to get people off the plane. >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. go! we cannot breathe back here. go! >> again, that is cell phone video from one of the passengers on the flight that reported smelling smoke. we'll have updates on this story tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30 a.m. for the first time, a group of researchers say marijuana can possibly lead to death. german scientists say cannabis likely triggered complications in two men. the researchers admitted they were isolated cases but suggest people with serious heart problems should be aware of the risk of marijuana use. the men that died were ages 23
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and 28. seemingly healthy except for those underlying conditions. however, the younger man had a serious undetected heart problem. the older man had a history of alcohol and drug abuse. scientists believe those conditions combined with the cannabis' effect of increasing heart rate led to death. the giants and a's in spring training. and the late west the warriors. that's next.
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david lee back after missing two games with the flu. first quarter, lee showing no ill-effects from his sickness on the dunk. he chipped in 11 points. second quarter, warriors turn the rock over and that's trouble. the bulls up 11 at the half. fourth quarter now, taj gibson doing the honors. bulls win 103-83. college hoops. cal and arizona.
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nick johnson and kobs at the rim. hollis finishing with the jam. arizona wins 87-59. giants and a's in scottsdale today. second inning, new giant michael morris at the dish. that ball ripped to right off jessie chavez. but this is an unbelievable effort in the first spring training game of the exhibition season. morris in disbelief of the grab. but redick was just getting started. in the fourth, not so fast, redick pulls another homer back, then turns it into a double play at second. the a's win it 10-5. afterwards, redick tweeted to morris that he would take him out to dipper. more news after the break. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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dogs are reacting to your tone, not because they feel bad. i still want to make them feel bad. >> i know we have some hot spots. >> we have a position towards the east of livermore, a lightning strike there. if you live around there, you may see a few flashes in the sky, headed towards tracy, away from the tr i valley. another system arrives on friday morning. >> thank you, jeff. we'll be here tomorrow morning at 4:30 for the morning show. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- drew barrymore and adam sandler, musical guest dierks bentley, and featuring the legendary roots crew.


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